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Maloy - Bergen

Tuesday 2nd October - Day 12

And so we arrive back where we started.

I realise today what a very different journey this could have been had we had the weather we are experiencing today. It's rain, rain and yet more rain all the way. Thankfully it's our very last day and so most of our time is spent inside the boat, then on a bus, then on a plane and finally in a car.

It's a day of logistics - paying the bill, getting luggage sorted and leaving the cabin so that it can be prepped for the new arrivals later this afternoon.

We have a relaxing breakfast and head to the library to relax, sort some email and read before we leave the boat this afternoon. As I reflect on my time on this voyage, I know that this journey will stay with me for a long time. I have seen some spectacular scenery, visited towns I didn't know existed and met fascinating people along the way. I also know that the trip is something that I will talk about to others and that I will no doubt look at the photographs on dull Winter nights by the fire. As I do, I will wonder what's happening in those remote places we visited and to those people that we met and shared a little of ourselves with.

In 2008, I came to Norway and fell in love. The scenery, the climate and conditions and the warmth of the people are all something I want to return to and experience again. Undertaking this voyage has reassured me that this was not just a passing romance but a long-term love affair.


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